One of the biggest problems with trying to build your own source of online income is that you will constantly be bombarded with new ideas, information, and opportunities that all look like they could be the ultimate method for making online Money. Until you have actually experienced success in one area of trying to make money online, you will be questioning which one of these areas holds the most promise for you.  You will wonder if one of the other methods would be more effective than the one you are working on right now.  You will be wondering if there is another way you could get better results and faster results with fewer amounts of work.  Here are some of the things you might encounter:

  • You will try to emulate some famous blogger who looks like their method is really easy to replicate.  Once your blog gets enough traffic you are hoping that you will be able to make money from it somehow.
  • You may have heard of people getting rich with Google Adsense by driving lots of traffic to a website where enough people click on those ads.   It is very easy to see yourself building websites that just show some basic ads on them.  You think that because this method is so easy to try out that you will give it a shot.  You think that if you just had enough of these websites, maybe you could actually make a living from this.
  • You will read about how someone is making a killing with affiliate marketing by selling other people’s information products like the ones on Clickbank.  The more you think about it the more you realize that a business model that promotes other people’s products like this is a potentially great one.  You can see yourself making money with this method without having to do too much work.
  • You will read about how someone says you need to focus on SEO so that you get free traffic that is easily monetized.  The more you study that information, the more you realize that they are right.  There is lots of money to be made with learning how to do great SEO.
  • Then there are the people who say that all the big money is in social media marketing. They tell you that you can throw up a few videos, build a blog with lots of followers, build a network of people with Twitter or Facebook and build a list of email addresses of people who share a common interest.  Then you sell that list product for a profit.  It sounds great and looks like a perfectly legit business model.
  • Inevitably you will see something about some person making a huge amount of money by driving traffic to websites with Pay Per Click advertising.  Maybe they are doing it with Google Adsense.  Maybe they are doing it with Facebook.  When you hear a little bit about how they do it, you easily become convinced that you could learn how to do what they are doing.
  • Low and behold you come across someone who says that the real money is in making and selling your own information products.  When you start digging into this area you realize that there is massive potential here.  Maybe this is the best approach to take?  It makes sense that the people who are actually producing the products are the ones who are making a real killing.

The thing is that you can see yourself potentially making a successful go at any one of these methods.  Then you get confused as hell trying to decide which one is actually best for you.  This is especially true when you keep hitting roadblocks or just keep working without seeing results.

So what is the solution?

The answer is to focus on just one method right now until you have seen it through to completion.  If you have already begun building a business around one of these models then it would be in your best interest to forget about all the other ones temporarily.  The truth of the matter is that there are successes and failures in every method of making money online.  Those people who succeed with each method became successful because they were able to get good enough using that method.  If they didn’t stick with that method long enough and with enough focus, then it is likely that they too would have failed with it.

Everyone who gets really good at making money with one particular method will tell you that their method is the best for making money.  Of course, that is what they are going to tell you.  They probably actually believe it too because they have experienced it firsthand.  That doesn’t mean it really is the best or that it will work for you.  If you were to apply yourself fully and really dedicate yourself to it, then maybe it would work out.  But, the same thing can probably be said about the methods you have already started working on.  You just need to master them as much as possible.

There is money to be made everywhere if we apply ourselves properly.  It is more a matter of focusing on what we know needs to be done with our existing projects.  Everything else that presents itself to us is merely a distraction that keeps us from completing the exciting projects that we have already started working on.  Trust me on this one.  Stay focused on completing the one thing that matters the most to you right now.  The other opportunities will still be there tomorrow and next year.  Don’t worry about missing them.  That is one of the best things about working online.  The opportunities are pretty much endless.


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