In fact, from the moment I held the Galaxy A20 in my hands, I always wanted to talk about the feeling of being in my hands. Yes, this one is usually made of plastic. And if you continue to think that inexpensive phones lower costs in build quality, you need to reassess.

This phone is lightweight but sturdy, I didn’t bend it like Jack from JerryRig would, but it sure can take a beating! no feeling of emptiness, you know, the ones with some devices. It’s not glass like that of its closest competitor, the Redmi Note 7, but it still holds up.

However, the material on the back captures tons of fingerprints. Even the blue-colored A20 I reviewed is some kind of magnet. You will definitely need to use a cloth to wash it as Samsung did not include a case in the box. which has presented another problem since I did not invest during a case. This glass body is sensitive to scratches. Even when I didn’t hold the phone near keys or hard objects, the back has developed tons, tons of scratches.



Let’s call the screen now. The Samsung Galaxy A20 has a tall 6.4-inch screen bordered by a small V-shaped notch at the top. This screen can be a Super AMOLED panel and therefore the edges are not so pronounced. While all of this is usually impressive, what Samsung hasn’t included here is Full HD resolution. But with the Super AMOLED panel that was not a problem at all.


The raw performance of the Galaxy A20 is fluid. This is often the mini version of the Exynos 7885 chipset used in some Samsung phones last year, like the Galaxy A8 +. And like its big brother, it is a capable processor.

Even playing in it is not that bad. I played PUBG on a medium setting and there are only a few instances of lag in a game. Once a game started with delays here and there, but once I got into the sport, there were a little hiccup or two.

And while we talk about performance, a bit like the A30, this device also has a messenger problem when gaming. If you touch something and receive a text message, everything slows down.

Except for these problems, there are none. RAM management is great as I haven’t even had a problem running 6-7 apps simultaneously.

Still, for comparable prices, you get the Redmi Note 7 with a more powerful SD660 that performs roughly 1.5 times better than what the A20 offers. So if you are looking for performance, I am not waiting for the final part to mention this, the Redmi Note 7 is better than the A20, and if you like performance, buy the first!



The front camera of the Galaxy A20 rests on the waterdrop notch on the front. It measures 8 megapixels, and if we mention the selfies, well, they look great, that’s if you don’t zoom in on them because the photos lose tons of detail.

If you’re inside a bright room, selfies are good too, but when you say the sun isn’t that bright, the photo above is what you get.

Everything is software that does the job, and it doesn’t do it right. The blur isn’t on point so I stayed away from the selfie camera’s live focus.

Now let’s talk about the rear cameras. Like the M20 and A30, you get dual cameras: a 13MP main lens and a 5MP fisheye lens.

The best use of the camera, on my behalf at least, is when taking wide shots from the tightest angles and capturing the scenery. the colors we get here are accurate compared to the first camera.

Speaking of the first camera, the main thing that stands out is that it lacks detail. the colors are great and all, but it lacks enough detail. And if you take pictures in bright colors, you will notice oversaturation. Samsung and oversaturation go a long way and it’s no different at this point, either.

The images aren’t that great in terms of dynamic range, either. But I like how the images light up a bit, which makes everything stand out.

Like the front camera, the rear camera also creates software blur. And something like the front camera, the background blur is not as good as the cutouts seem unnatural. It also lacks the strands of the subject’s hair. an equivalent applies to portraits taken under indoor lighting.

However, one thing that bothered me about this phone is that the live focus mode has only worked on humans. you name it, a tab just appears with Finding Face written on it.

When it’s dark, photos contain tons of noise. you will also notice pimples. While daytime shots have a warmer color tone, nighttime shots have a cooler tone. and that they are exposed if a source of sunlight falls on them. Photos are also lacking in detail, a bit like daytime, but saturation makes photos pop when they have memory colors.

And finally the videos. This device records Full HD videos at 30 fps. and people’s videos wobble a bit because they don’t have decent stabilization. the colors are natural.


For security reasons, the Samsung Galaxy A20 has the option of fingerprint and face unlock. The fingerprint sensor is located on the back of the phone and is easily accessible. With the screen locked, the phone unlocks in about a second. However, with the screen on, the sensor can unlock the device in no time. I have even seen this problem on some other devices and I think Samsung can improve it with a software update. For face unlock, the A20 uses its front camera. the choice works well, but it takes some of your time.



The best thing about this phone is the battery. The A20 has a large 4,000 mAh battery that has become a trademark in most Samsung phones. At first, I talked about the A20’s HD sports screen. it works well on the battery.

Playing for a short time, watching YouTube videos, browsing countless internet sites, and using social media apps gave me a screen-on time of about 6 1/2 hours. How is that reflected in the real world and therefore in the real day? Well, if you are an important user, who does a lot of things on your phone, the A20 will last you every day, and if you are an average user who does not perform heavy tasks and does not play games constantly. , the phone will work smoothly every day and a half. to work. So in terms of battery life, Samsung definitely has a winner in the Galaxy A20.

This battery takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to travel from 0 to 100% with the included 15W fast charger.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 may be part of Samsung’s huge A-series lineup. While more budget-oriented, the device is certainly good at what it does, although Samsung has done a few laps before that. Still, it’s a solid build and a vibrant display. Battery life is excellent, so for that price, the camera is reasonable.

However, if we mention the performance, if you add some money, you get the Redmi Note 7 which definitely beats the A20. So, if you are a user interested in performance, you might want to take a look at that phone; otherwise, the A20 will handle your daily use quite easily.



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