Selling on the internet (a.k.a. internet marketing) successfully can be accomplished rather simply.  First, you need to find out what people really want.   Then you need to offer to give that to them for the right price.  It is that simple.

Duh! You’re thinking.

Let me clarify this a bit further so that you understand what I am really saying.  First, you need to find out what people really want.  You might think that people want to lose weight.  So you think that giving them away to lose weight is the answer.  It isn’t though.  There is an underlying reason why they want to lose weight.  That is the real motivating factor.  That is the real reason people are buying a weight loss product.  It is not because they just decided to lose weight one day.

Maybe the reason a woman wants to lose weight is that she thinks that she will meet Mr. Right if she was a little skinnier.   If you can convince her that your product is going to help her find that guy, then you have a much better chance of selling it to her.  Maybe a woman wants to lose weight because she is afraid she won’t live long enough to see her granddaughter grow up.  That is a motivating factor.  You think that this woman is buying the latest fad diet book because she wants to lose weight.  In reality, she really doesn’t care about her weight.  She really cares about seeing her granddaughter grow up.


If you want to sell on the internet, you have to get to the root of the question.  What is your customer really looking for?  What do they really want?  Don’t assume that you know the right answer.  You have to seek the answer.  Seek and you will find.

Once you have discovered this crucial factor, you can begin packaging your product to target that specific desire.  Your entire sales process should focus on hitting pressure points that the potential customer is really feeling.  When you touch a nerve, you motivate people to buy.

You can touch a nerve by painting a picture of your prospect using your product to get what they really want.  This is what they are really waiting for.  They are looking for something to solve a problem that might be completely different from what seems obvious to another person.  Think about this when you are building your next affiliate site.


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