When we spend money to buy a smartphone, no matter how much money, especially with tens of millions of dong iPhones, we always want to use this device to the fullest, using all the functions of the device. Him. Among them, I often see you looking for ways to optimize your phone’s battery to last as long as possible, some of you are still obsessed with battery level so do you need it? worry about it?

Battery cycle

Even tech-savvy people or ordinary users want to use their devices for as long as possible, which is a legitimate wish, but we can’t avoid a problem. It is true that my device’s battery has a lifespan and it will definitely degrade after a while.

As the battery degrades or “ages,” it will gradually lose its ability to fully charge to 100% of its original capacity, which is called battery cycles. The battery cycle is calculated when the user uses 100% of the battery capacity, that is, if we fully charge the device to 100%, we use 50%, then we fully charge and use the remaining 50%. counted as a cycle.

For ordinary users, the explanation and operation of the battery cycle are too complicated to understand and use correctly, and technology users like the Delicate brothers have many ways to minimize it. increase in charge cycles and I do not recommend thinking too much about battery optimization or charge cycles at all. Some brothers also recommend not charging the device overnight to avoid battery bottles, but modern smartphones all have chips to modulate the current that enters the device, when the device is full it automatically disconnects and charges. Going into the standby state will reduce battery health and your habit of being afraid of plugging in at night.

Battery Optimizer

In most of the current technological devices, such as smartphones or laptops, headphones, manufacturers have incorporated separate battery optimization tools, depending on the brand name, but in general, it is the same. they have a similar working principle. As battery technology has not kept pace with the development of other components, manufacturers have come up with a software solution to limit the increase in battery charge cycles somewhat.

The devices will study the user’s usage patterns over a period of time, then determine when the user needs 100% of the battery capacity to use until the battery is charged. and hold it down to 80%, then it will gradually charge to 100% the moment you pick up the device and start using it. This 20% difference keeps the battery below 100% and helps reduce the number of device battery cycles.

So, is there to worry about the battery of the device or not?

Une chose est sûre, notre appareil connaîtra tôt ou tard une durée de vie de la batterie, peu import à quel point nous l’optimisons et la considérons, car la batterie est conçue pour que nous puissions l’utiliser et la mettre en bouteille bien about. The way we use the device makes us feel as comfortable and safe as possible, that is, just keep using it and then plug it back in, even plugging it in overnight doesn’t affect age much. the battery life of the device, as there are tools and software to optimize the battery life that I mentioned earlier.

But even if we put aside the software solutions that maximize battery life, we don’t have to worry too much, waiting for the device’s battery to drain, then it’s probably time to think about it. switch to new devices. Especially for those of you who are used to changing phones after one year, there is no need to worry or doubt about the battery, just use it in the most comfortable way possible, the cost of replacing the damaged battery will surely be reduced. Much cheaper than upgrading a new machine, just enjoy what your device has to offer.


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