One of the great parts of getting involved with blogging communities like Bloggerluv and with other individual blogs is the opportunity to build friendships.  Friendships are beneficial in so many ways that are obvious and some ways that are not so obvious.  I like to help my blogger friends out without ever having them ask for help.  That is how you let them know what kind of person you really are.

For example, there is a guy, Rob Sellen, who has a blog about making money online.  Now Rob never asked me for a link.  We haven’t been friends all that long.  We don’t know each other well enough to be asking favors like that.  But, I know what kind of guy he is from reading his blog.  I have seen how he has stood up for other people who are friends of his and he looks to have pretty decent common sense.   I know that we are likely to become decent friends.  I intend to speed the process up a little bit by sending little favors his way.

One way I can do that is by creating that link above here using the keywords “make money online.”  When Google and the other search engines spider this post, they will chalk up one more vote for Rob’s blog.  Plus they will want to rank it a little better for the term “make money online.”

Now, this blog of mine is brand new and it doesn’t yet have a ton of respect from Google or any other search engine for that matter.  Rob’s blog has a lot more respect than mine does because his homepage is PR4.  Hopefully in a few months, after I have built enough links back to my site through blog commenting, maybe mine will have some juice to pass around.  Then those people who are friends of mine will really appreciate it when I do something like that.

Even though this one little plug for his site isn’t going to make a huge difference to him or his business, I know that it will help build a little kinship between us that will hopefully grow over time.  That is my goal here.  Someday when our friendship is more mature, I might send Rob a little personal email that says, “Hey Rob.  I have a new website project called that I am working on.  I am trying to get it to rank for whatever my keyword is.  If you know anywhere I can get links for it or you know anyone else in this niche who might be interested in some cross-promotions, then please let me know.”


When I do that, there is a pretty good chance that he might think, “Heck yeah.  Kathy has always been generous with me.  She is a cool cat.  I think my buddy Tom has a website that could throw her an awesome link.  I should tell Tom about her.”  Or maybe Rob will just decide to throw that link in place from his website.  Or even more likely, just because we would have a good friendship, Rob might decide to be really generous without me even asking for a link.  Maybe he will link to it automatically without me ever having to suggest it.  That is the best of all.

Plus, those kinds of links are the links that really make a web page move up in the search results.  A contextual link from a popular well connected and well-trusted blog page will definitely get me a substantial bump.

Now imagine if I had one hundred friends like Rob.  If I had a hundred friends willing to help me out just as much as I am willing to help them out, then I could have a dozen or so decent websites that are fun to work on that also rank well for moderately competitive and highly lucrative keywords.  Yeah, baby.  That is what I am talking about.

Then I spend my days writing about things that I enjoy writing about and spreading the love to all of my friends.  What better possible scenario for making a living can you possibly think of?  You get to do something you actually love to do, something that is personally rewarding, in a setting that is low stress, working for yourself at a great pay scale when you consider how low your cost of overhead is.

Can I get a hell yeah!

Other bloggers who know how to make money

Since I already wrote this post, I should probably throw a shout-out to a couple of other people who I haven’t mentioned before.  There is my friend Jenny recently posted about the long tail and short tail keywords over at her blog.  Every blogger who wants to build websites for organic search engine traffic needs to thoroughly understand keywords, especially long tail and short tail differences.

I also want to throw a shout out to Dazzlin Donna who has an affiliate conversion formula that some of you might be interested in.  I haven’t bought her program so I can’t honestly vouch for it, but from the sales copy it sure looks like she knows what she is talking about.  And I happen to know a thing or two about affiliate marketing and conversions.



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