When you play professional games on your PC, your regular headphones don’t provide the sound quality you expect. The gaming headsets are designed so that you can experience immersive gaming with virtual surround sound and crystal clear sound. Some headphones have microphones that can be removed or retracted.

If you have a headset that doesn’t meet the requirements, you can get an affordable gaming headset under 100 and enjoy immersive gaming.


Headphones consist of headphones with a microphone. In general, a headset can have a single or dual headset, but a gaming headset has a dual headset. For the best gaming experience, a virtual surround sound headset includes earmuffs that cover the entire ear.

These headphones have larger speakers for dynamic sound quality. The headphones are connected to a headband so that they can be worn comfortably on the head or around the neck. There is also a built-in microphone connected to the headset. Also, headphones are usually wired to a computer, but wireless headphones are now becoming more popular than wired headphones.


The gaming headphones provide immersive sound along with stereo sound. Hence, while playing the game, you can hear everything clearly from the enemy’s light movements to the direction of the shots.

Headphones isolate you from external noise and you can fully concentrate on your game. You can also easily communicate with your teammates via a built-in microphone.


Choosing a good headset that makes your gaming experience exciting is not an easy task. There are many factors to consider before getting the headset of your choice. You have to look at:

  • Design
  • Build quality
  • Comfort
  • Isolate the headphones
  • Sound quality
  • Microphone
  • Let’s take a closer look.


You want headphones that look good and match your personality. Some hearing aids normally look like normal headphones connected to a microphone. But some have designs that make you look like a Star Wars alien. With LED lighting, strange angular designs, some gaming headsets have the look of laser guns. Therefore, to avoid being made fun of, you should consider the right design for your own use.


In general, headphones are made of plastic. If the plastic used is cheap, it may not be strong and break easily. Look for durable plastic, metal, or wireframe headbands that are also comfortable. They also need to be flexible to fit the size of your head. Some even have a full metal skeleton that can survive even rough use by intense professional players.


Comfort is the most important thing when playing games where you stick to your screens and don’t interfere with your movements while playing. If you play for a long time and the headphones don’t fit your head properly, it can be both painful and disruptive. You may feel exhausted after about an hour from heat, friction, and sweat build-up. It can cause neck pain if pressure is applied in the wrong place. In addition, you can get terrible headaches or ears even with light pressure on the headband.


Playing games without external noise interference is what every gamer wants. For this, the ear pads must be large enough to cover your ears properly. In addition, the material of the pads must create an effective seal to keep out external noise.

People who wear glasses should go for the velvet pads as these are made of soft pads and don’t cause discomfort while playing. Or at least look for headphones with glasses channels in the ear cushions. Not only will you feel comfortable this way, but you will also get a good bass level for games. You will clearly be aware of footsteps, reloads, and other enemy actions. So playing PUBG, Fortnite and Apex legends would be a lot of fun.

Very few gaming headsets also offer noise cancellation. So the background noise is filtered out and the audio is crisp and clear. Therefore, while playing the game, noise from outside traffic, noise from family or friends’ houses, or any other annoyance will not interfere with your game in any way.


If you want to play single-player games or MOBA games like League of Legends or DOTA 2, and aren’t too concerned about knowing every step of the enemy, you can get a stereo sound headset. While not normally used by gamers, stereo sound can provide effective sound quality for the games you play.

Surround sound is used in most gaming headsets today. These types of headphones offer a 360-degree soundscape and have many speakers covering both ears. Thus, you will be aware of the enemy’s attack from whatever direction it is coming. You will hear them coming from that specific address. Sound quality like that is absolutely divine for games like Fortnite.

Another interesting new generation of surround sound has also been introduced called spatial audio. While it provides the 7.1 virtual surround sound experience, there is an added degree of verticality to your audio. Therefore, it would feel like the sound was coming from everything around it, like in a sphere and not just from the front, the sides, or the back. If you are a serious gamer, this type of headset is what you are looking for.


The microphone on a gaming headset is extremely important when you play in teams and stay in constant contact with your teammates. You can adjust the sound quality of the microphone through the settings. However, you won’t be able to get perfect recording quality microphones in gaming headsets.

Another factor to consider is the ability to connect the microphone to the headphones. Some headphones are permanently attached and can be lifted or pushed down when not in use. Some can be separated at your leisure. For a player playing solo, a detachable microphone would be more suitable.

Another factor that affects good communication is the position of the microphone. If the microphone is too far away, the broadcast sound will be low and will appear quiet during calls. You should place the microphone far from your mouth so that the voice is conveyed clearly and does not interfere with your playing in any way. This of course depends on whether the microphone is maneuverable or not.


There are a wide variety of headphones on the market that are not very expensive. If you are passionate about your gaming gear then you will definitely get something that complements the rest of your gaming gear. Whether you choose an expensive or inexpensive gaming headset, you should consider all of the above factors before making a purchase decision to make your purchase worthwhile.




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