Regarding rumors that Apple is launching a foldable iPhone recently, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman said it would probably take two to three years for the foldable iPhone to be available. actually appeared on the smartphone market.

In his daily Power On newsletter, Gurman said that it “will take at least two or three more years” for Apple to really be ready to launch a true foldable iPhone. He also said that Apple could give more consideration to the folding smartphone lines of its biggest rival, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip series, and whether or not Apple would follow that design. trying to avoid the problems that the two collapsible Galaxy series have.

Actually, Apple is the only encore to provide a solution for a “minimizer” lender or to provide the camera cache technology sous l’écran à l’iPhone, for example, et tout d’abord will probably be in the train of preparer the launch.

A new patent from Apple has just been recognized, showing that in the future the company could launch an iPhone model with a full screen and no “bunny ears” or “mole” to suit. Camera or sensor recognition, but instead Apple will change the layout of the display panel to create a window that appears every time a photo operation is taken.

The US Patent and Trademark Office just granted Apple a patent titled “Electronic Devices with Adjustable Viewing Window”, and the patent suggests that Apple could fix the notch and redesign the front camera cluster as well as the sensor. identification, letting the iPhone “move the screen on its own.”


Unlike currently available sliding screen smartphones, Apple’s patent shows that it will be designed in such a way that the part of the screen can slide in and out of the reach of a normal iPhone and there will be no changes. in terms of appearance, whether or not the slide is used. Instead, when the user uses the front camera or the recognition sensor-related functions, part of the screen changes from a normal screen to a weaker screen or a more subtle screen. black-figure. According to the released images of this patent, Apple will design in such a way that a certain area of ​​the screen acts as “a window that can be opened and closed”. A moving part of the screen controls the opening and closing of that particular window.

Depending on the design version, this part of the screen can be made as an edge-to-edge curved screen, or even the screen will be curved at both ends and integrated with a hidden hinge so that the screen can be slid up and down. down. easily, but it does not affect the normal slipping or sliding during use.

In fact, it is quite common for Apple or other tech companies to file patents on these new technologies, but it is rare for a patent to materialize. However, this latest patent from Apple shows that the company is still very interested in solving the problems with the notch in the design of the iPhone, and is still looking for ways to perfect its product lines. in the most optimal way, so that the most perfect devices and products are born, according to the needs and tastes of users, but still it is necessary to ensure the core quality of Apple, not necessarily the race. follow technology or movement too fast.




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