Facing the complicated developments of the covid-19 pandemic, many provinces and cities across the country are implementing social distancing. Today, Ho Chi Minh City has made a decision to continue the distance for another month until September 15, 2021, with the principle of wherever you are, there”.

In addition to the health consequences that the epidemic has caused, the epidemic has also seriously affected the economy, society, living habits, etc. Many people have lost their jobs, reduced incomes, and businesses. , shops… also face many difficulties…

In Vietnam, although there are no statistics, for the United States and developed countries, weight gain has been a real threat to public health during this time. epidemic period, especially during the period of social distancing when people are often indoors.

Social distancing is necessary, but it changes many people’s lives and habits. Gyms, swimming pools, and outdoor sports facilities must all be closed. Running or cycling outdoors is prohibited… leading to sedentary activity.


All outdoor sports activities are suspended

Staying at home a lot reduces social interactions, plus economic stress, work makes many people more stressed. One of the ways to deal with stress is to eat, eating helps us reduce stress, especially sweets. The use of alcohol and tobacco has also increased, and beer contains quite a lot of calories also increases weight.

Because they don’t have to get up early to go to work, many people stay up late, leading to snacking, eating at night increases weight gain. A study of 3,000 adults in the United States found that 2 out of 5 people gained weight in the past year, they gained an average of 29 pounds (13 kg), 10% of which gained 50 pounds (22.5 kg).

Or another small study of 270 adults found that from February to June 2020, they gained 1.5 pounds each month (nearly 0.7 kg). If the average person has gained 1.5 pounds a month from February 2020 until now, they have gained up to 25 pounds (more than 11kg).

Although many people face difficulties during the epidemic period, I think that for people in big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, etc., who have a relatively stable, not too difficult life, they will also have problems with money. the same weight as the United States and developed countries. Many of my relatives and friends also complain about smoking and drinking more; there are people who give up exercise and sports altogether; Many people gain weight due to overeating.


Should eat a lot of healthy foods

To have a healthy lifestyle when you are apart, your determination is the most important, it is necessary to limit alcohol and tobacco; Eat in moderation, limit unhealthy foods. To increase movement, we can clean and clean the house. There are many exercises that don’t require a large space such as the plank, push-up, pull-up, chin-up, jump rope…

I’m overweight, usually around 82kg, but Fortunately, from the beginning of June, applying the 16:8 diet, I have lost more than 5kg, only less than 77kg, and am still losing more. The immediate goal is 75kg!

Have you gained weight, comment!


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