Who would tell Thomas Alva Edison that he would have to fail 10,000 times to succeed?
This is one of those cases that shows us that we must not give up in the face of difficulties. That’s what these 6 people did who, before seeing success up close, had to overcome the obstacles that prevented them from moving forward:

1. Steve Jobs (Apple)


In 1985, he was forced to leave Apple and invested his full potential in founding the NeXT company. However, he was never successful and generated some losses. Eleven years later, Apple eventually bought NeXT, which brought Jobs back to work on what would become Mac OS X.

2. Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation)

Before entering college, Gates founded Traf-O-Data with Paul Allen and Paul Gilbert. Their goal was to read raw data from traffic meters to write reports that would later be sent to traffic engineers. the project failed when authorities decided to do the same job for free. However, it helped Gates get started at Microsoft.

3. Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company)

He filed for bankruptcy on several occasions as his companies, the Detroit Automobile Company and Henry Ford Company, disappeared amid complaints from customers that their cars were too expensive compared to the poor quality. Finally, in 1903, he created the Ford Motor Company, which developed its flagship model: the “Ford T”, with which he managed to explode sales.

4. JK Rowling (Harry Potter)

When the best-selling writer came up with the idea for Harry Potter, she was struggling to survive the poverty she was mired in. He wrote The Young Wizard’s Stories in 1990 as a method against depression and, over the next six years, saw 12 publishers reject his book. Finally, in 1997, Bloomsbury Publishing bought the rights and was successful.

5. Walt Disney (Disney Corporation)

This is one of the best-known cases. The film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, released in 1938, saved the company from bankruptcy. Eight years earlier, Disney had lost the rights to its character Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit, when facing debts generated after the bankruptcy of its production company Laugh-O-Gram Films. Despite his success, he had to fight for his characters to be accepted by the industry. One of his masterpieces was the 1996 acquisition of ABC, the owner of the Kansas City Star newspaper, which he had shot years earlier for lack of imagination in his cartoons.

6. Milton Hersey (The Hersey Company)

The early days of this chocolate were anything but sweet. He then founded three companies that failed, even opening his first candy store in 1876. He ended up selling the business and moving out of town several times until he found himself in Denver. There he learned the art of chocolate but continued to move to another city and open businesses that ended up failing. Finally, in 1894, he was able to found The Hersey Company thanks to the investment of an acquaintance.


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