Search Engines are the main traffic source for websites and blogs. Webmasters are aware of its importance and hence they try all kinds of tactics to optimize their sites and thereby gain better positions in search results and hence more traffic.

But Search Engine Optimization is not as simple as it was during the early 2000s. During that time even top searched keywords such as “cheap insurance” had low competition. A few backlinks with proper title, keywords and meta tags were sufficient for a webpage to get placed among the top 10 positions in Google. But now the times have changed. It’s no more than simple. The main reason is the massive increase in websites that has created huge competition. Search Engine algorithms have also been changed to match the growing competition and give results. Though Search Engine Optimization is tougher it’s still very much possible and that’s the reason why you are reading this. The only thing is it requires patience and little hard work.

Here are some key rules that will help you to achieve your dream position in Google or any other Search Engines.

1. Content Really Really Matters – Beats Everything

Whenever you read articles on SEO or traffic the first point you read is “Content is King”. You can try all the different SEO tactics and bring your site to the top position in Google but only if the content is good it will say in that position. Search Engines are getting clever with their algorithms. They measure how much time a person stays on the website and if it’s too low then it means your content is not good and thereby very soon you will lose the position. If the content is good visitors will become repeated visitors and they will link their sites or blogs to your site. These visitors come even if you lose search positions. So put your time into creating the best content and from then on you can spend time optimizing it. When you writing articles quality is important. Instead of writing 100 ordinary articles just for the sake of writing make 5 quality everlasting posts.

Search Engine Algorithms may change, Visitors may change but Good content always stays in the Top position.

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2. Efficient Keywords Usage

Keywords play a key role in Search Engine Optimization. Only if keywords are well-positioned Search Engines will rank your site for that keyword or else your page will be ranked for various words found on that page which will not bring targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is essential to get more leads and sales.

So it’s important to know about keyword placement and keyword density. If you want your web page or blog post to be ranked for a particular keyword then use that keyword in the title, description and other meta tags. But it should be normal and not look as if they are stuffed. Also, choose two or three keywords along with your main keywords and spread all these keywords here and there in your article.

3. Image Optimization

Image Optimization is a new division in SEO that is very efficient but many are not aware of it. Google Image Search gets around 250 million searches every month. It’s a big market for traffic and you can make use of it. When you want to optimize your site for image search then you must place the images in relevant articles. That is don’t place a bike image in a health article. If the article is about Vatican City then name the image as “Vatican_City.jpg”, insert it in the post and give the image an alternative text as “The Vatican City”. Now you have optimized in the best way and you can see your page in top positions in image search results for the keyword “Vatican city”. Be quick. Optimize your pages soon. Competition is growing here also.

4. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks have always been an important factor in search rankings whatever the search algorithm may be. Using social bookmarking sites you can instantly get some backlinks but that’s not sufficient. Start commenting in relevant blogs and forums and say about your recent article with a hyperlink. If your comment is relevant then it is not going to be deleted because of having a hyperlink. Personally, I won’t suggest spending money on getting backlinks. Just social bookmarking and commenting is sufficient.

The 4 points that I have mentioned don’t cover all the nook and corner of Search Engine Optimization but I am sure they cover more than 4 out of 5 factors. The remaining one may be all other small factors which you need not think about now.



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